Stage 1: Square of Doctor Ferrer i Cajigal

Our Tour begins in the square of Doctor Ferrer i Cajigal. Rubió i Tudurí begins  the project of the park in the year 1923, knowing the cathedra of the doctor. Located in the street of Casanovas and delimited by the streets of Córcega and Provença. This square is a connection of the different parts of “hospital Clínic”.

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This square is dedicated to a doctor, named Ángel Antoni Ferrer i Cajigal. He obtained the cathedra in 1923 to 1936 after his death. Ferrer i Cagjigal teached in the faculty of Medicine of Barcelona. This faculty still here, well preserved. 

This is an example of how this place declines after years. Years ago the square was a  green park, we don't know much about it. Today as we can see in the photos is all asphalted, with the exception of a poor “pipican” for the dogs.

But why the square is now asphalted? The reason is probably the amplification of “hospital Clínic” in the last ten years. They need a parking for the emergencies ambulances. This big parking has two entrances, one in Corsega street and the other is located in Provença street as we can see in the two photos. 

Also at this time in the square of Ferrer i Cajigal is located temporally the merchant of Ninot. This merchant is now remodeling (photo) in his antique location (in provença) near the square.

The history of merchant of Ninot takes us into 19th century. His name designs an antique Ninot (doll) that was close to this merchant. 

So the project of remodeling the merchant was in 2008, and actually occupied all the square of Ferrer i Cajigal

If you want to know more information about the merchant and his remodeling check this pdf please (in catalan)

There is no signal of the ancient park designed by Rubió i Tudurí. Perhaps the pines in the street only remind a green park. We hope that “ajuntament of Barcelona” will construct another park in memory of this doctor and of his architect. 


Now we start to move in our tour into next stop, Letamendi’s square.