Welcome to Rubió i Tudurí on tour


Welcome to our web page. Here you will find the information about Rubió i Tudurí you need. This web was created as a project for our university’s subject called "City and Urban World" in University Pompeu Fabra (UPF). The instructions of this project were to create a blog with a tour in Barcelona. That's why we have done it. A tour designed to take you into the different parks of Barcelona.

Its a topic to think that we have many green zones.  We only have a few parks in Barcelona, and most of them are not very nice preservative as we thought.
Nicolau Maria Rubió i Tudurí was an architect master who made excellent parks. Almost all the parks we have were created by him.

Our tour proposes to see some of his parks, ten to be exactly. It’s an easy tour that you can do in three hours perfectly. In the first two places (Plaça Ferrer i Cajigal and plaça Letamendi) we didn’t have any information about the parks in the books we studied. We selected because the closeness to the other places, to have an easy and more quickly tour. The other places has a complete information about his parks.