Stage 2: Letamendi Square Garden

From our first stop we move into Provença Street up to Enric Granados. In Enric Granados Street, a curious and unique one, it is renovated by the last years, with many bars, quality restaurants and a lot of vegetation. We go down Enric Granados and in two streets before the stop we can see what it seems a garden, that is the square of Letamendi (photo).

Its curious to found before Letamendi’s square this church named “Maria de las Siervas”, wich is an ecclesiastical organization (now around the world) who founded Maria Soledad Torres Acosta for help sick people. 

The estimated time to arrive from point 1 to point 2 is 8 minutes walking. So it’s pretty close one square to the other. That's the reason of our choice. See  this google map to follow e the route (the map uses Roselló Street, not Provença, but is the same way).

 The square of Letamendi is situated in Aragó Street with Enric Granados, nearly the finish of this last Street. 

This square is dedicated to Josep de Letamendi i de Manjarrés (1828-2897), a famous ilutrated doctor, who cultivate different arts. 

 This square has particularity of a special structure. It has the form of diamond, and this diamond is divided by two by Aragó Street. Then we have the same square with two differently parts. The first part upper Aragó and the second part lower Aragó. The two parts has equal space but the vegetation of the square is not the same, and 
obviously the buildings too. That is one of the aspects we work right now.   


The upper part of Letamendi’s square has two little park zones for kids playing (photo 1). The soil at park zone as we can see is not asphalted, actually there is a fountain with an statue (maybe its a saleswoman of flowers), very rare to see in parks now (photo 2).  It is surprising how many palm trees there are, sometimes even with no space (photo 3).  On the right corner we have Treasury of Eixample (photo 4). 


This part is simpler. In one hand we have a “pipican” (photo 1) and on the other hand we have a little park (photo 2).  More palm trees (photo 3) and a cypress (photo 4). This lower part of the square is nearly the ending of Enric Granados street who goes into university of Barcelona (photo 5). As we can see Aragó street is very flood (photo 6).

It's time to visit one of the most famous parks by Rubió i tudurí, Gaudí park, in "Sagrada Familia".