Stage 8: Pudget gardens

Stage 8: Pudget Gardens 

Estimated time to arrive 50 minutes walking at general Mitre.

Have one of the most privileged panoramic view of Barcelona. Thanks to this fact, and to their varied and abundant vegetation species and their sheltered resting green places, give the gardens their personality. Despite the hard inclination of the terrain, the fact is that these gardens are a great place to walk. This is why the neighbours of the neighbourhood of Putget Farró often cross these gardens, avoiding traffic while enjoying lush vegetation.
Many macadam roads, all interconnected, cross the gardens and occasionally expand to create living areas, small squares with benches for resting or reading
. There are also enough large spaces. The panoramic view from the summit of the gardens allows enjoying an exceptional image of Barcelona: Tibidabo, Collserola, Montjuic, the plain of the Llobregat, etc.


There is a good proportion between hardwoods and conifers, the flowerbeds and shrubs, as well as perennials and seasonal species.
Vegetation changes depending on the sunlight. This does not mean, however, the vegetation loses quality at all in the upper part of the gardens, where sunlight is less. A good example is the exceptional and towering conifers of the upper part: pines (Pinus halepensis), the stone pines (Pinus pinea) and Himalayan cedars (Cedrus deodara).There are also oak (Quercus ilex) and olive (Olea europaea).

As we are pulling down: mimosa (Acacia dealbata, Acacia melanoxylon and Acacia retinodes) pinewood (Melia azederach) and acacia (Robinia pseudoacacia). There are also false pepper (Schinus molle) and a paradise tree (Elaeagnus angustifolia), among many other tree species.

In the squares: rosewood (Tipuana types), pagoda tree (Sophora japonica), hackberry (Celtis australis), some bananas (Platanus x hispanica) and palm trees, quite down at the entrance to the garden, where are a few copies-of-force lush palm (Chamaerops humilis) and yucca (Yucca elephantipes). The Cypress has the majority (Cupressocyparis leylandii, Cupressus glabra, Cupressus macrocarpa and Cupressus sempervirens).

Exceptionally, we can find shrubs mixed with rare species as the Limoniastrum monopetalum, the Lobelia laxiflora, and the Senecio lineatus.

The Putget is a small mountain of 178 m that extends between Vallcarca and Sant Gervasi. The earliest traces of settlement have been known to place around 1870, when the Barcelona bourgeoisie began to build towers to keep away from the urban conditions of the old Barcelona.
The land of Gardens was part of the former “Spain Tower”, owned by the family Morato. The year 1917 was included in the planning of green areas.